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General Hatch Information for Western Montana

Mar 15 - Apr 15 Skwalla Stonefly (Skwalia Paralaila)# 10 Olive Stone use lowprofile pattern (olive bullethead)
  Nomoridae (#14), Louctridne (#12) Little Brown/Black Stonefly use brown/black bodied bulletheads.
Apr 1 - Apr 30 Skwalia Stonefly on Clark Fork and Rock Creek
  Blue Winged Olive (Baetis)#16,18 olive bodied mayfly parachutes, cripples, thorax - with olive dubbing
  Grey Drake (Ameletus) #12 mayfly on Clark Fork and Bitterroot,Yellowish/brown body, huge wing, use deerhair post parachute, try fast stripping a skinny, slender #10 prince/P.T nymph
  March Brown (Rithrogena Morrisoni) #14 mayfly on Rock Creek and Blackfoot, use deerhair post parachute, dead drift hare's ear nymphs (looks like grey drake)
  Gray Caddis (Brachycentrus)#16 elk hair or goddard
May 1 - May 31 Blue Winged Olive continue sporatically (good on cloudy days) throughout this month on all four main rivers.
  Salmonfly (Pteronercys)#6 orange stonefly, starts 2nd to 3rd week of this month on Rock Creek
June 1 - June 30 Salmonfly on Blackfoot and some on Clark Fork and Bitterroot
  Golden Stonefly (Calinsuria)#8-10 golden bodied stonefly -on all four main rivers - use yellow stimi's and madom X's
  Pale Morning Dun (Ephomerella lnfrequens) Creamish-bodied #14-16 mayfly --hatches in early afternoon-- try cripples, parachutes, and thoraxes
  Pale Evening Dun (Hoptagenia/Eporous) Yellowish bodied mayfly --hatches in the early evening-- same patterns as PMD
  Green Drake (Ephomerelia Grandis/Drunelia) #10 mayfly- fat dark green body -dark, dark grey wings - use Lawson's paradrake, big cripples, and fat bodied chutes
  Caddia (Hydropsyche)tan and olive caddis #12-16, use elk-hairs, goddards, and LaFontaine's caddis pupa emerger
July 1 - July 31 Goldens continue on Blackfoot - use stimi's PMD, PED continue on all four main rivers
  Hoppers (Grasshopperidea)use #6-10 parachute hoppers
Aug 1 - Aug 31 Hoppers continue
  Trico's (Tricorythode)last week of this month - use #20-
22 thread bodied parachutes
  Blue winged Olives in the last couple of weeks
Sep 1 - Sep 30 Trico's continue into the first couple of weeks
  Blue Winged Olives start up again a one/two weeks into this month - use same patterns as above
  Mahogany Dun (Paraleptaphlebia) #14-16 purplish/ brown bodied mayfly - start about the same time as the Baetis (2nd or third week)- use rust bodied parachutes, wulffs, and cripples
Oct 1 - Oct 31 Mahoganies, Baetis continue - great midge action late Oct
Nov 1 - Nov 30 Midges continue throughout this month on warmer days especially


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