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Rod, Reel & Line

8Y2 - 9' 6 wt Graphite Fly Rod (for lakes and larger streams) 8' - 9' 4 wt Graphite Fly Rod (for spring creeks and most dry fly situations) Floating Fly Lines for both rods
  Single Action Fly Reels     WF sinking fly line type 11 for lakes

Vest Fillers

1 st - a Vest!  


  Nippers     Jacket
  Forceps     Rain jacket
  Leaders 7Y2 ' to 1 2'     Short sleeved shirts
  Leader Material 2x to 7x     Long sleeved shirts
  Fly Floatant     Hat (wool and warm weather with bill)
  Split Shot     Gloves (fingerless during spring and fall)
  Strike Indicators     Shorts (for wet wading on warm days)

Fly Boxes

for dries     Light pants
  for streamers  

Wadinq Gear

Chest waders - flyweight or neoprene
  for nymphs     Wading Belt


Polarized sunglasses     Felt Soles on wading shoes or waders
  Insect repellent     Wading staff
  Sun screen     Extra wool socks
  Camera     Capilene long underwear
  Film     Gravel cuffs
  Extra Batteries        



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